Lunch restaurants

Someone who has not had a breakfast starts craving for food at around half past eleven. For the rest of us, the biological clock starts ringing at half-past twelve. It is time for lunch – the largest meal of the day! Do you want something you enjoyed as a child, or maybe something new? Do you want to save time, but also have a meal without a hurry? Do you want to experience something special without overpaying?

Daily lunch restaurants in companies, office buildings, and higher education institutions understand your needs and work to make the dream of a perfect lunch of every customer into reality. We believe that the service has to be both fast and courteous; that dining hall is not only the chairs and the tables, but also a pleasant and tidy environment; that the menu has to not only fit the choice of the majority but also offer the joy of taste discovery and consist of tested products.

Each day from the morning to evening our menus offer various salads and snacks, warm meat and vegetarian dishes, soups, desserts, cakes and drinks – kefir, juices, sparkling drinks, coffee, and tea. Every day there is a different strengthening lunch offer that can be enjoyed for an especially good price.

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